Completely free (no hidden costs.) Keep track of your team activities, training sessions, matches and get a greater overview of your own development. ITeamSport are available for both smartphones and desktops.

  • Receive guidance and overview of your own sport-specific development, directly to your mobile 
  • Free internal messaging. Receive and reply to key messages regarding your club and team activities
  • Calendar features including notifications about training, matches and other events that enable you to respond to if you are coming or not
  • Google location maps
  • Statistics and reports on progress and attendance

Get started!

Download ITeamSport. Available for both mobile and desktop from our homepage (use same username and password on all platforms).

  1. Register as an athlete
  2. Enter the access code you receive from your coach below “Link to your team” listed in “settings”. If a code is already filled in, the coach has done it for you. 

Please share and recommend ITeamSport with all your friends doing sports so that we can continue spending our time developing ITeamSport for you, instead of spending time on distribution.

Thank you!