(team-administrators, assistant coaches and other support team)

Completely free (no hidden costs.) This sports team management and coaching app is widely used by both clubs and individual sports teams in multiple sports and languages.

ITeamSport ties everyone together and paves the way for better team motivation through closer follow-up and guidance. Increased motivation can contribute to greater performance and less drop-outs.

Create a team (“team owner” e.g. head coach) and link everyone to it (assistant coaches and other support team, players and parents.) ITeamSport is also available as a free desktop application, which synchronizes instantaneously to allow you to work from your preferred platform.

Player development

New and exciting way to follow-up and monitor your teams´ and player’s athletic development. ITeamSport is the 1st smartphone app featuring a fully customizable player development tool to conduct comprehensive player development within team sports at all levels.

  • Create your own customized exercises and activities (parameters) and evaluate your team and athletes  (e.g. agility, attack, defend and goalkeeping)
  • Evaluation of matches
  • Choose your own measurement units for both exercises and grades
  • Choose your own grading scale (e.g. set up a scale from 1-5 where the meaning can be: 5 Exceptional. 4 Exceeds requirements. 3 Meets requirements. 2 Need improvement. 1. Unsatisfactory)
  • Share personal supervision and evaluations with your athletes
  • Comprehensive statistics and reports 

Organize and communicate

Save time. Organize, communicate and keep track on everyday team activities and tasks. We’ve made it easy to create, notify and respond to events. Simplified team communications with our integrated messaging and easy to use schedule functions. Everything is gathered in one place.

  • Create and invite to training and other events (repeating event function allows you to easily set up an event for the entire season)
  • Keep track of who's coming (our notify and respond function allows you to plan your events in accordance to your team’s availability - real time) 
  • Google location maps
  • Register attendance (generates statistic and overview of both individual and teams average attendance)
  • Select and edit match setup and store match results
  • Free messaging internally
  • Access updated member lists and profiles (members enter their own personal information to improve accuracy)

Get started!

Download ITeamSport. Available for both mobile and desktop from our homepage (use same username and password on all platforms) 

  1. Register as a Coach
  2. Create your team(s) (This applies only to the team's owner/creator e.g. head coach)
  3. Tell your team to download and register with ITeamSport and start inviting your team to your first event. Your members will automatically become available in your profile when they download and register with ITeamSport. 

Please don't forget to recommend ITeamSport with all your fellow coaches if you find the product as helpful as we hope you will. This will allow us to continue spending our time listening to our users and further develop ITeamSport for you, instead of spending time on distribution.

Thank you! J